Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Patina Study, Brittle Varnish

(Filler with dispersion paint on Flame inhibitor on chipboard)

Brittle Varnish, Study

(Acrylic paint, paper, wallpaper adhesive on carton)

Replica, Edvard Hopper "Gas"

(Acrylic Paint on canvas, 0,7m x 0,5m)

Drawing, Fall of the folds

(Charcoal & Crayon on paper, 1m x 0,5m)

Replica, Michael Sowa "Suppenschwein"

(Acrylic Paint on canvas, 0,4m x 0,5m)

Part of Backdrop for "The Barber of Seville" at Deutsche Oper Berlin 2009 (Teamwork with Lisa Birkner)

(Dispersion Paint on canvas, 3m x 10m)

Stonework & Rendering - Imitation

(Dispersion Paint on canvas, 2m x 3m)

Grisaille Painting

(Dispersion Paint on pasteboard)

Grand drape

(Dispersion Paint on canvas, 2m x 3m)

Replica, Canaletto "The Stonemasons Yard"

(Dispersion Paint on canvas, 2m x 3m)

Replica, Friedrich Preller "Sturm an der Küste"

(Dispersion paint, 2m x 3m)

Rust-Imitation for "Les Troyens" Deutsche Oper Berlin

(Plastic helmets and shield)